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  • Content MarketingReadability: Guidelines for more readable web content

    Four Guidelines For More Readable Web Content

    Readability is the capacity to which a person can read a passage of text and understand and recall what they just read. Here are some tips for improving the readability, presentation, and expressiveness of your writing on the web. 1. Write For The Web Reading on the web isn’t easy. Computer monitors have low screen resolutions, and the light they…

  • Analytics & TestingCRO Audit and Gaps - Conversion Rate Optimization

    How to Review and Audit your CRO Strategy for Gaps and Blind Spots

    It could legitimately be argued that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an art form within its own right as far as skilled marketing departments are concerned. Optimizing conversions can fundamentally make all the difference between receiving traffic and seeing your flow of visitors perform the desired actions on-site.  For smaller businesses, it can be difficult to constantly ensure that your…

  • Content MarketingHost, Syndicate, Share, Promote Podcasts

    Where To Host, Syndicate, Share, Optimize, And Promote Your Podcast

    Last year was the year podcasting exploded in popularity. In fact, 21% of Americans over the age of 12 have said they listened to a podcast in the last month, which has steadily increased year over year from the 12% share in 2008 and I only see this number continue to grow. So have you decided to start your own…

  • Content MarketingCanva Graphic Design Platform

    Canva: Kickstart and Collaborate Your Next Design Project

    A good friend Chris Reed messaged me asking if I had given Canva a try and he told me that I’d love it. He’s right… I tested it out for a few hours and was impressed with the professional designs I could create within minutes! I’m a huge fan of Illustrator and have used it for many years – but…

  • Content MarketingGreat Presentation Design

    Find the Center of Gravity for Great Presentation Design

    Everyone knows that PowerPoint is the language of business. The problem is, most PowerPoint decks are nothing more than a series of overstuffed and often confusing slides that accompany nap-inducing soliloquies by presenters. Having developed thousands of presentations, we’ve identified best practices that are simple, yet rarely employed. To that end, we created Center of Gravity, a new framework for…

  • Sales Enablement
    Depositphotos 2443454 m 2015

    4 Ways Your Presentation Management Strategy – or Lack Thereof – is Wasting Time, Resources and Business

    Can you help me put this presentation together? My meeting’s in an hour. I can’t find the slide. That’s the wrong slide. $#!* That’s the wrong deck. Sound familiar?  Then you are NOT using an effective presentation management strategy.  And, as a result, you are losing time, resources and, above all, business.  Presentation management ensures that the right message is…

  • Content MarketingDepositphotos 29628361 s

    Crank Up Your Content Marketing by Identifying These 6 Gaps

    I had the pleasure of developing and giving a webinar yesterday as part of Instant E-Training’s Content Marketing Virtual Summit. My specific topic is a strategy we’ve been working with our clients on for the last few years – identifying gaps in their content strategy that help them build authority and drive conversions. While the quality of content is paramount…

  • Marketing Infographicsmodern mobile travel trends

    The Rise of the Modern Mobile Traveler

    Usablenet has prepared a new series of infographics that illustrate the rapid evolution of mobile in the travel industry, with stats speaking to the rise of the modern mobile traveler, the surprising results a mobile loyalty program can have on booking frequency, how millennials are prioritizing mobile in their travel decisions, and more. The full series includes takeaways such as:…

  • Analytics & Testingthe art science of content marketing

    The Art and Science of Content Marketing

    While much of what we write for companies are thought leadership pieces, answering frequently asked questions, and customer stories – one type of content stands out. Whether it’s a blog post, an infographic, a whitepaper or even a video, the best performing content tells a story that’s explained or illustrated well, and supported by research. This infographic from Kapost really…

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