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    5 Tips For Dealing With The Media As An Expert Source

    TV and print reporters interview experts on all kinds of topics, from how to design a home office to the best ways to save for retirement. As an expert in your field, you may be called to participate in a broadcast segment or print article, which can be a great way to build your brand and share a positive message…

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    Best. Press Release. Ever.

    We get piles of press releases in our inbox every day and I’m guessing that 99% of them are deleted at a glance. That’s not to say they’re not useful… we’re always on the lookout for a relevant chunk of news that will impact you folks in our community. The advantage of press releases are the efficient distribution… the disadvantage…

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    Most Users Don’t Like Change

    I’ve been reading a lot about the new user interface design on Facebook and how much users have pushed back on the changes, ironically through a survey launched as a Facebook App. They don’t just dislike the changes, they despise them: As someone who reads and observes design quite a bit, I appreciate the simpler design (I hated their miserable…

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