The Science Behind Engaging, Memorable and Persuasive Marketing Presentations

Marketers know better than anyone the importance of effective communication. With any marketing efforts, the goal is to deliver a message to your audience in a way that engages them, sticks in their minds, and persuades them to take action—and the same holds true for any kind of presentation. Whether building a deck for your sales team, asking for budget from senior management, or developing a brand-building keynote for a major conference, you need to

9 Tips for Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

I’m preparing for a presentation I’m doing about 7 weeks from now. While other speakers I know will repeat the same stale presentation over and over, my speeches always seem to perform great when I prepare, personalize, practice and perfect them long before the event. My goal is never to dictate what’s on the screen, it’s to design remarkable slides that work in tandem with the speech. This increases both cognition and memory. Since almost

25 Awesome Content Marketing Tools

We recently shared 25 Awesome Social Media Marketing Tools from the 2013 Social Media Strategies Summit. This is not a comprehensive list, just some tools that you can use to augment your brand’s content marketing strategy, including stand-out examples of five tools across five categories of content marketing: Curation – These tools help in the process of discovering and gathering a range of web content related to a particular topic, then displaying it in a

SlideDog: Present Files Seamlessly

I’m not sure of any sales professional that hasn’t been stuck in front of a crowd or an important boardroom only to have issues with their presentation working. Slidedog hopes to end this by providing an application that builds your Powerpoints, PDFs, Prezi presentations, movies and even web pages in an offline application that you can even play from a USB drive with! You no longer have to worry about connectivity, application switching, or even