7 Strategies for Increasing Customer Spend at Your Retail Outlet

In the world of retail, strategy is everything. Spend is directly tied to retail merchandising techniques and that means shop owners need to get creative if their mission is to maximise customer spend. Luckily, there are a number of tried and tested tactics with the power to get your customers spending more, and more often – and we’re about to let you in on some trade secrets so you can find that all-important sales boost

You Don’t Need a Business Degree to Understand This

Okay, it’s time for a rant. This week I’ve been beat up a couple times and I’m truly at a loss that some of these folks have made it as long as they have in business. I want to get a few things straight when you go to negotiate and purchase services from your next Agency. The Price is What You Pay, Not What You Get This is the cost of the product or service

The Price of Free Website Testing

This is a debate that continues to rage on when it comes to the Internet… why should I pay for a solution when I can use a free one? We utilize many free applications – but given our experience in the industry, I think we’re an exception to the rule. As an agency, we’re fully leveraging the technology we find useful and putting it to work to help our customers. Too many times we see

Productivity: The “Fast, Cheap, Good” Rubrik

As long as there have been project managers, there has been a quick-and-dirty trick for describing any project. It’s called the “Fast-Cheap-Good” rule, and it will take you about five seconds to understand. Here’s the rule: Fast, cheap or good: Pick any two. The purpose of this rule is to remind us that all complicated endeavors require tradeoffs. Whenever we have a gain in one area there will undoubtedly be a loss somewhere else. So