What do Consumers Think About the New Media Landscape?

There’s an interesting quandry when asking for feedback via a survey versus collecting actual behavior. If you ask any consumer if they like advertising, a select few may jump up and down about how they can’t wait for the next ad to popup on Facebook or the next commercial during their favorite television show. I’ve never actually met that person… The reality, of course, is that companies advertise because it works. It’s an investment. Sometimes

How B2B Sales Has Changed

This infographic from Maximize Social Media beautifully lays out the advantage of inbound marketing as part of your overall sales process. It’s unfortunate, though, that they choose to pit one strategy against the other rather than providing how most B2B companies are combining the two strategies. By combining an inbound and outbound approach to B2B sales, you can capture and score your leads as they interact with your content and social activity online. This provides

Integrating Digital Marketing into Your Sponsorship

Marketing sponsorships present significant value beyond brand visibility and website traffic. Sophisticated marketers today are looking to get the most out of sponsorships, and one way to do so is utilizing the benefits of search engine optimization. In order to improve marketing sponsorships with SEO, you need to identify the different sponsorship types available and the key criteria necessary in analyzing SEO value. Traditional Media – Print, TV, Radio Sponsorships through traditional media typically come

53% Shifting Budget from Print to Search and Social

This morning, I’m reading eConsultancy’s State of Search Marketing Report for 2011. The State of Search Marketing Report 2011, produced by Econsultancy in association with SEMPO, looks in-depth at how companies are using paid search, search engine optimization (natural search) and social media marketing. The report, which also contains a marketplace valuation, follows a survey of over 900 respondents from both companies (client-side advertisers) and agencies, and is based on data from 66 different countries

Is Your WordPress Blog Printer-Friendly?

As I completed yesterday’s post on Social Media ROI, I wanted to send a preview of it to Dotster CEO Clint Page. When I printed to a PDF, though, the page was a mess! There are still many folks out there that like to print off copies of a website to share, reference later, or just file with some notes. I decided I wanted to make my blog printer-friendly. It was much easier than I