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    The Most Popular and Necessary Tags to Deploy in Ecommerce

    In order to deploy, measure, and optimize any change to improve your e-commerce results, capturing the associated data with every user and action is critical. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Worse, if you restrict what you do measure, you can make decisions to the detriment of your online sales. As Softcrylic, a vendor-neutral Data & Analytics player states, tag management serves…

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    ecommerce product detail page

    Your E-commerce Product Detail Page Element Checklist

    We recently helped an e-commerce site optimize their web presence. They were running on proprietary software so they had quite a backlog of development work to do to improve overall search ranking. However, even given those roadblocks, there were huge opportunities to increase conversion rates. We rebranded the company to modernize the look and feel, we established a voice that…

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    Design Effective E-commerce Product Pages

    There are millions of e-commerce sites out there and, thankfully, developers, designers and consultants who work on e-commerce sites have tested practically every iteration of product page to maximize conversions. Invesp has published some fairly startling statistics when it comes to e-commerce sites: The average abandonment rate of shopping cart is 65.23% The average conversion rate of E-commerce store is…

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