How to Synchronize 2 Google Calendars

With the acquisition of my agency and now working as a partner on my new Salesforce partner, I have an issue where I’m running two G Suite accounts and now have 2 calendars to manage. My old agency account is still active to use for my publications and speaking – and the new account is for Highbridge. While I could share and see each calendar on the other, I also need to actually show times

Taskade: A Real-Time Task Manager with Video and Collaborative Editing

This last month, I was asked by two different firms to use some management system for our projects. They’re both dreadful. Put bluntly; it’s project management that’s killing my productivity. Project management systems must be easy to use if you want your teams to be productive. I appreciate simple task management platforms, and that’s how Taskade was designed. What is Taskade? Taskade is a real-time collaboration app for your ideas, goals, and daily tasks. Organize

How We Use Social Tools in the Workplace

In a study from Microsoft on Social Tools Usage and Perceptions in the Enterprise, it appears that they’ve uncovered yet more evidence that women are much smarter than men. Men are more likely than women to say these restrictions are due to security concerns, while women are more likely to blame productivity loss. Ugh. It’s so unfortunate that, after all this time, we still have some people in the work place disabling the ability for

Hold Companies Accountable

I could share some great horror stories with you on my history with banks and credit cards. Some of it has admittedly been my fault but most of it is the ridiculous actions of banks. I wonder how these guys sleep at night… massive profits, bailouts, executive bonuses and ridiculous overage fees haven’t even budged them to improve their systems. Here’s a great example… my business credit card has been turned off twice while traveling.

Productivity: The “Fast, Cheap, Good” Rubrik

As long as there have been project managers, there has been a quick-and-dirty trick for describing any project. It’s called the “Fast-Cheap-Good” rule, and it will take you about five seconds to understand. Here’s the rule: Fast, cheap or good: Pick any two. The purpose of this rule is to remind us that all complicated endeavors require tradeoffs. Whenever we have a gain in one area there will undoubtedly be a loss somewhere else. So

Productivity Secrets: Technology Isn’t Always Technical

I’ve got to admit, the four letters T-E-C-H give me the shivers. The term “technology” is practically a scare word. Whenever we hear it, we’re supposed to be either afraid, impressed or excited. Rarely do we focus on the purpose of technology: getting complexities out of the way so we can get more done and have more fun. Just Information Technology Even though the word technology comes from the Greek word téchnē, meaning “craft,” these

Meetings – The Death of American Productivity

Why do meetings suck? What steps can you take to make meetings productive? I’ve tried to answer all those questions in this humorous (yet honest) presentation on meetings. This is an enhanced view of the presentation I did in person. This presentation on Meetings has been coming for a while, I’ve written about meetings and productivity in the past. I’ve attended a ton of meetings, and a majority of them have been a terrible waste