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  • Content MarketingSocial Media Marketing Strategy Checklist

    Validate Your Social Media Strategy Against this 8-Point Checklist

    Most companies who come to us for social media marketing (SMM) look at social media as a publishing and acquisition channel, severely limiting their ability to grow their brand’s awareness, authority, and conversions online. There’s so much more to social media, including listening to your customers and competitors, expanding your network, and growing your people and brand’s authority online. If…

  • Martech Zone AppsMarketing Campaign ROI Calculator

    App: How To Accurately Calculate Your Marketing Campaign Return on Investment (ROI)

    Campaign ROI Calculator Campaign Results Direct Campaign Expenses * $ Expenses specifically for campaign. Direct Campaign Revenue * $ Attributable revenue generated by campaign. Indirect Campaign Revenue * $ Additional annual revenue, if any. Platform Expenses Annual Platform Expenses * $ Annual platform licensing and support. Annual Campaigns Sent * Campaigns sent on platform annually. Salary Expenses Annual Salaries *…

  • Content MarketingMarketplace Positioning and Profitability

    The Five Profitable Positions in any Marketplace

    In my former corporate life, I was consistently amazed at the communication gap between those who made the products and those who marketed and sold them. As a tinkerer and a social problem solver, I always tried bridging the gap between makers and marketers. Sometimes, these efforts were successful; sometimes, they were not. Yet while trying to solve the inner…

  • Content Marketing

    Clarity Attacks Buzzwordsmithiness On Contact

    A good friend of mine for many years is Steve Woodruff, a self-proclaimed (and very talented) Clarity Consultant, continues to share some rather ridiculous marketing-speak amongst websites and social media profiles. He shared his all-time favorite with me from a couple of years ago: We have pioneered a new model for sustainable, consumer-driven growth based on principles of complex adaptive…

  • Analytics & TestingDepositphotos 22675653 s

    Rant: The “P” Word

    Great marketers enjoy talking about Return on Investment. Yesterday, I attended a meeting with a real estate company who had some challenges with their web strategy. Their brochure site wasn’t driving too many leads and they were spending quite a bit of money on a number of external programs to drive leads into their sales funnel. The problem that we…

  • Sales EnablementQuestions

    Why Not?

    How does your company profit? Are each of the goals of your company aligned with building that profit? Are each of your management teams’ goals aligned to support the goals of your company? Are each of your employees’ goals aligned with your management’s goals? Are your employees’ performance measured against their goals? Is each employees’ compensation determined by how they…

  • Sales and Marketing Training
    Invest in people! You won't be disappointed.

    Invest in People. You Won’t Be Disappointed!

    I’ve joked with quite a few folks that since my divorce (and subsequent dissolution of all of my worldly assets), I have spent my last five years investing in people. That may sound very strange, and hopefully not selfish, but I feel that by focusing my attention on mentors, friends, and family – I will live a much more fruitful…

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