Leading A Digital Marketing Team – The Challenges And How To Meet Them

In today’s changing technology, leading an effective digital marketing team can be challenging. You are faced with the need for efficient and versatile technology, right skills, viable marketing processes, among other challenges. The challenges increase as the business grows. How you handle these concerns determines whether you will end up with an efficient team that can meet your business’s online marketing goals. Digital Marketing Team Challenges and How to Meet Them Harnessing Enough Budget One

Our Winner for Agency Project Management: Brightpod

There is no shortage of project management software on the market – and that’s a good thing. It allows each company to test its internal processes and other platforms with a PMS to see whether or not it’s a good fit. Companies shouldn’t change their process for a PMS, the PMS should fit the process. I’ve written about my frustration with Project Management Systems in the past… most of them became more work than they

My Problems with Project Management Software

Sometimes I wonder if folks that develop project solutions actually use them. Within the marketing space, project management software is a must – keeping track of ads, posts, videos, whitepapers, use case scenarios and other projects is a huge issue. The problem that we seem to run into with all project management software is the hierarchy of the application. Projects are the top of the hierarchy, then teams, then assets tasks and deadlines. That’s not