Language Translation Made Easy: One Hour Translation

Many of our readers have asked whether or not we know of a good translation service online. We are an affiliate of One Hour Translation, the Internet’s leading professional translation service. Translations are done by a community of over 10,000 professional translators worldwide using One Hour Translation’s website, or their email translation service. Utilizing the One Hour Translation cloud or their translation API, clients can benefit from reduced translation costs by focusing expensive in-house translators

Buying Behavior Has Changed, Companies Have Not

Sometimes we do things simply because that’s the way it’s been done. No one remembers why exactly, but we keep doing it… even if it hurts us. When I view the typical sales and marketing hierarchy of modern companies, the structure hasn’t changed since we had sales people pushing pavement and dialing for dollars. In many of the companies I’ve visited, many “sales” are happening on the marketing side of the wall. Sales merely takes