Why HubSpot’s Free CRM is Skyrocketing

In the early days of a business, managing information about your contacts and customers isn’t difficult. However, as your business grows and as you get more customers and hire more employees, information about contacts gets scattered across spreadsheets, notepads, sticky notes, and hazy memories. Business growth is amazing and with it comes the need to organize your information. This is where HubSpot CRM comes in. HubSpot CRM was built from the ground up to be ready for the modern

8 Strategies To Improve Your Sales Prospecting Effectiveness

This evening, I was out on a bike ride with a colleague and between huffs and puffs we were discussing our sales routines for our businesses. We both absolutely agreed that the lack of discipline that we applied to our sales was inhibiting both of our companies. His software product attracts a specific industry and size, so he already knew who his prospect are. My business is smaller, but we’re highly focused on very specific

More Content, More Problems: The Struggle of a Sales Rep

We’ve been publishing quite a bit about the tools that align sales and marketing efforts. In my opinion, sales representatives have a much more difficult job to do nowadays. 59% of their time doing tasks other than selling such as researching the account and generating leads. And consumers and businesses are able to do extraordinary research online, evaluating features, benefits, products, services, ratings and reviews. Despite the abundance of marketing materials available, 40% of marketing

Tickle & Woo Your Prospects!

Many business to business (B2B) sales cycles are long and arduous. It’s a balance of keeping top of mind with a prospect until the purchase decision can be made and not bugging them and driving them off. I’ve watched some folks nurture leads incredibly well, and I’ve put “Do Not Answer” in my phone book to avoid the sales people that don’t. Research says identifying a prospect costs $443 while visiting one runs $596. Why

It’s Time to Put on Your War Face

There’s a difference between a sales person and a closer. I believe I’m a great salesman, but a terrible closer. I know I’ve sold many large engagements, but I was never the guy that pushed for ink (the contract signing). I don’t enjoy pushing back on contract size or applying the pressure for a prospect to sign earlier. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by talent at my work who relish those opportunities. Our closers are able to