Whitepaper: How Prospecting Automation Increases Conversion Rates

Freshly uploaded to our Whitepaper Library (powered by PaperShare) is a publication designed and developed for Salesvue by our agency. The whitepaper is called, Why You Need a Sales Prospecting Process. Salesvue focuses their attention at the bottom of the sales funnel. For companies with an outbound sales process, this is where leads are generated for their sales staff to follow up on. The problem illustrated by Salesvue is that the majority of businesses are

The Changing Marketing Funnel?

As we all know, sales and marketing are constantly changing. Therefore, the sales and marketing funnels are changing. While we might not like it, we have to adapt. RainToday.com recently published a post on this very topic, featuring our very own marketing automation sponsors, Right On Interactive. Troy Burk, CEO and founder, makes some good points. But there is one insight that is scary for marketers: According to Forrester Research, nearly half of all B2B

Sales Enablement Tips

The changing marketing and sales funnels are dictating how we do business. Specifically, this refers to how sales is approaching new prospects and closing the deal. Sales enablement is collaborating marketing and sales while producing a revenue. Ensuring that these initiatives are aligned is imperative to the success of both marketing and sales. As a marketer, of course I find marketing efforts important. But at the end of the day (depending on the situation), the

Ebook: What is Lifecycle Marketing?

What is lifecycle marketing? According to our marketing automation sponsors, lifecycle marketing is: …about how organizations interact with prospects and customers across all stages of their relationship with their brand. Is your interaction helping or hurting your brand? Sales and marketing has changed drastically over the past 50 years, let alone the past decade. The funnel is not the same as it was. It isn’t a linear path anymore – marketing automation is fueling the

Collaborative Marketing with Google Spreadsheets

I consulted with the local Chamber of Commerce this evening to discuss Membership renewals. The Chamber is a fantastic organization, but is a great example of a service where renewals are the heart beat of the organization. I’m fairly certain that the Chamber probably loses money on folks that join in the first year. However, after that year, their profitability increases – and the value to the Chamber Member never goes down. Tonight I spoke