Proximity Marketing and Advertising: The Technology and Tactics

As soon as I walk into my local Kroger (supermarket) chain, I look down at my phone and the app alerts me where I can either pop up my Kroger Savings barcode for checking out or I can open the app to search and find items in the aisles. When I visit a Verizon store, my app alerts me with a link to check-in before I even get out of the car. These are two

The Message Cloud Combines Contextualized Messaging to In-Store Mobile Experiences

SmartFocus announced at the Mobile World Congress today that it will be offering the world’s first virtual beacons. The virtual beacons allow for proximity-based marketing without difficult hardware integration or maintenance. Companies can trigger micro-location messaging to enable a contextual experiences using just a floor plan. SmartFocus’s Message Cloud technology gives brand marketers a holistic view of their customers, enabling them to deliver even more personalized marketing interactions including contextualized offers, payments, loyalty, and reviews.

How Retailers Can Maximize Mobile Christmas Campaigns to Boost Revenue

This Christmas season, marketers and businesses can boost revenue in a big way: through mobile marketing. At this very moment, there are 1.75 billion smartphone owners worldwide and 173 million in the US, accounting for a whopping 72% of the mobile phone market in North America. Online shopping on mobile devices has recently overtaken desktop for the first time and 52% of website visits are now made via mobile phone. Yet, consumer dwell time on

5 Ways Retail Benefits from Hyperlocal Social Monitoring

Retail firms are competing with online retail giants like Amazon and Zappos. Retail brick-and-mortar stores are aiming to provide the best experience to their customers. Foot traffic is a measure of customer motivation and interest (why did the individual prefer to come to the store to purchase when the option of online purchase is available). The competitive advantage any retailer has over an online store is that the consumer is nearby and ready to make

The Gap in Marketing Technology?

Many, many years ago I was an analyst at a Newspaper. Each week I compiled data from across our production and distribution systems and worked to find where there was time or money to be saved. It was a challenging job but I had good leadership and for the decade I worked there, we reduced our operating budget each year. It was an incredibly rewarding job. I was personally responsible for a multi-million dollar budget