How To Personalize Your Outreach Emails To Get More Positive Answers

Every marketer knows that today’s consumers want a personalized experience; that they’re no longer content with just being another number amongst thousands of invoicing records. In fact, the McKinsey research company estimates that creating a personalized shopping experience can boost revenue by up to 30%. However, while marketers may well be making the effort to customize their communications with their customers, many are failing to adopt the same approach for their email outreach prospects. If

How NOT to Pitch to an Influencer, Blogger, or Journalist

I received this email from a public relations professional to see if I would blog about their customer on the Martech Zone. This is the entire email, followed by her contact information and phone number. [Client Name] is expanding its international business and services by acquiring a UK-based multimedia service provider next week, further strengthening its global footprint and reaching new markets. Through this acquisition [Client Name], known for producing unrivaled multimedia experiences for brands