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  • Ecommerce and RetailIn-store retail experience and smartphones (mobile)

    How Are Smartphones Impacting In-Store Retail Experience?

    Smartphones continue to have a significant impact on the retail industry, enhancing in-store experiences and reshaping customer behavior. Here are some ways in which smartphones have transformed retail: Mobile In-Store Research Showrooming: customers visit physical stores to see products in person and then use their smartphones to find better deals online. Retailers have had to adapt their pricing strategies to…

  • Ecommerce and RetailIn-Person and Online Checkout Experiences Capture Market Share

    From Clicks to Bricks: How to Capture Market Share with In-Person and Online Shopping Experiences

    When the recent pandemic closed stores and restricted in-store experience, many consumers didn’t stop shopping. Instead, they brought their business online.  Online sales eclipsed $815 billion in 2020, an eye-popping $244 billion or 30 percent year-over-year increase. U.S. Census Bureau However, don’t write the obituary for in-store experiences just yet. As pandemic restrictions resolved and people resumed their day-to-day activities, many…

  • Content Marketingpsychology sales marketing human mind

    3 Rules of Psychology in Sales and Marketing

    There were a group of my friends and colleagues that had recently gotten together to opine over what’s wrong with the agency industry. For the most part, it’s that the agencies that execute well often struggle more and charge less. The agencies that sell well charge more and struggle less. That’s a wacky thought, I know, but see it over…

  • Sales Enablementonline sales funnel

    Inbound Marketing and the New Sales Funnel

    While I was preparing to speak in Cincinnati this week, I wanted to provide a nice visual that spoke to how search and social media have changed the sales process. Here’s what I call the New Sales Funnel: It used to be that marketers controlled the brand and the messaging online, requiring consumers and businesses to watch demonstrations, view brochure…

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