• Content MarketingColor Psychology: Emotion, Attitude, and Behavior

    The Psychological Impact Of Color On Emotion, Attitude, and Behavior

    I’m a sucker for color theory. We’ve already published how genders interpret colors and how colors impact buying behavior. If you want to learn more about how our eyes actually detect and interpret color, don’t miss reading Why Our Eyes Need Complementary Color Palette Schemes. This infographic details the psychology and even the return on investment a company might attain…

  • Artificial IntelligenceConversational Marketing Best Practices for Chatbots

    5 Lessons Learned From Over 30 Million One-to-One Customer Interactions in 2021

    In 2015, my co-founder and I set out to change the way marketers build relationships with their customers. Why? The relationship between customers and digital media had fundamentally changed, but marketing hadn’t evolved with it. I saw that there was a big signal-to-noise problem, and unless brands were being hyper-relevant, they couldn’t get their marketing signal strong enough to be…

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    gender color

    Do Men and Women Prefer Different Colors?

    We’ve displayed some great infographics on how colors impact purchase behavior. Kissmetrics has also developed an infographic that provides some input on targeting a specific gender. I was surprised at the differences… and that orange was viewed as cheap! Other Findings on Color and Gender Blue is the most common favorite color amongst both men and women. Green elicits feelings…