ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Launches Social Studio

Social media spending in the US is expected to grow from $4.8B in 2013 to $12.6B in 2018 according to Forrester, and 58% of marketers say they plan increase social marketing budget, according to ExactTarget Marketing Cloud’s 2014 State of Marketing report. Marketers need to scale social content marketing, engagement, publishing and analytics between employees and teams. Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio allows companies to get closer to their customers and collaborate internally through: Workspaces

Paradise By the Dashboard: Content and Ad Control Centers

With so many services vying for our attention, and so many online outlets to control, the age of using one piece of software to achieve one specific goal is as dead as Dillinger. As marketers we’re expected to preside over Facebook ads, paid search, SEO, Twitter, blogs, comments, conversations … the list goes on.

Is Twitter in Your Service Channel Yet?

If I call your company with a complaint or question, only your customer representative hears me. If I ask on Twitter, though, my 8,000 followers hear me… and those that retweet expand the audience into their networks. Twitter is quickly becoming a democratizing factor to customers who want answers. Are you listening to Twitter? Twitter isn’t a fad or a company… it’s an effective communication medium. You need not participate (other than responding), but you

10 Business Twitter Apps for the Enterprise

Quite a few tools are beginning to appear for companies to manage communications using Twitter or for using micro-blogging internally within their company. I used to manage pushing the Martech Zone feed to Twitter utilizing Twitterfeed. When I ran into some timeouts when demonstrating Twitterfeed in a recent webinar, though, some viewers shared that there were some other great tools out there. I decided to take a look! Twitter Management Tools for Companies ExactTarget SocialEngage

Reputation Management with Radian6

Webtrends announced an important partnership with Radian6 at the Webtrends Engage 2009 Conference. From the Radian6 site: The impact of social media on public relations and advertising is fundamentally changing the profession. Brand ownership is no longer solely the domain of the institution. A brand is now defined as the sum of all conversations taking place amongst users and it’s happening regardless of whether you are part of these conversations or not. Radian6 is focused