Twitter: Autofollow based on Location

Being both public and a communication medium, businesses can take advantage of Twitter to grow their local retail traffic – easier than many think. Twitter users are both active and vocal about where they are and what they’re doing. By following active Twitter users regionally, companies who rely on local business can increase their direct traffic as well as amplify their brand online. Realtors, local stores, bars, clubs, insurance agents… or any other business that

Algebra and Geometry… when will I ever use it? Google Maps!

A good friend of mine, Glenn, is one of the founders of Family Watchdog. Family Watchdog is one of those fantastic stories… a company founded on a mashup that is performing a public service AND actually providing a living for its founders. It must be amazing to go to work every day knowing that you’ve made a difference. Each time I see Glenn, he’s working like crazy and loving every minute of it. Tonight I