Clarity Attacks Buzzwordsmithiness On Contact

A good friend of mine for many years is Steve Woodruff, a self-proclaimed (and very talented) Clarity Consultant, continues to share some rather ridiculous marketing-speak amongst websites and social media profiles. He shared his all-time favorite with me from a couple of years ago: We have pioneered a new model for sustainable, consumer-driven growth based on principles of complex adaptive systems. This is a new premise for strategy for a world undergoing deep structural change:

No Better Birthday Present! 500 Feed Readers!

Content, Passion, Momentum… these are the three elements that I speak to my clients about when it comes to blogging. Some folks think that blogging is a narcissistic endeavor – especially when you talk about your own blogging success. The conflict, of course, is why would anyone listen to you if you are not successful? I post the number of feeds and keep my Technorati Rank and other information up to date so that I