3 Reasons I’m Hosting My Webinar with ReadyTalk

I was first introduced to ReadyTalk after having a webinar meltdown with GoToWebinar. I had 3 guests on the show from Denver, San Francisco, and London. More than 200 patient and gracious attendees hung in there as we dealt with extensive audio and visual delays. So I needed to find a provider with the right infrastructure to support the needs of both presenter and attendees. This is where ReadyTalk excels. Presenter Experience: A ReadyTalk Webinar

Google Adds Forms to Google Spreadsheets

I’m an avid user of Google Spreadsheets. Google just added an intriguing feature that Marketing folks might be interested in to do data capture (example: contests and opt-in programs) without the need for professional development. You can now build a form to post directly to your Google Spreadsheet! This is still a far cry from a robust application like Formspring, but it could come in quite handy for some quick and dirty forms. Especially if