What is Weak Conferencing Costing You?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a conference call that was a complete waste of time. Whether it was glitchy software, unprepared presenters, or an audio disaster, it wastes a lot of time and resources. And it certainly doesn’t help when I feel like this happen more than 30 percent of the time. Every meeting—online or in-person—is an investment your company makes in time, money and resources. Whether that investment turns

10 Tips to Promote Your Next Webinar

In 2013, 62% of B2B used webinars to promote their brands, which is up from 42%  the year before. Obviously, webinars are gaining popularity and they are working as a lead generation tool, not just a marketing tool. Why should you incorporate them into your marketing plan and budget? Because webinars rank as the top content format in driving qualified leads. Recently, I’ve been working with client and dedicated webinar solution, ReadyTalk, on some content for best webinar

Kapost: Content Collaboration, Production, Distribution, and Analysis

For enterprise content marketers, Kapost provides a platform that assists your team in collaborating and producing content, workflows and distribution of that content, and analysis of the consumption of the content. For regulated industries, Kapost is also helpful in providing an audit trail on content edits and approvals. Here’s an overview: Kapost manages each step of the process in a single platform: Strategy – Kapost provides a persona framework where you define each stage in

3 Reasons I’m Hosting My Webinar with ReadyTalk

I was first introduced to ReadyTalk after having a webinar meltdown with GoToWebinar. I had 3 guests on the show from Denver, San Francisco, and London. More than 200 patient and gracious attendees hung in there as we dealt with extensive audio and visual delays. So I needed to find a provider with the right infrastructure to support the needs of both presenter and attendees. This is where ReadyTalk excels. Presenter Experience: A ReadyTalk Webinar