How Executives Can Leverage Data Analytics to Enhance Performance

The falling cost and growing sophistication of data analysis methods have allowed even new startups and small businesses to enjoy the benefits of superior insight and enhanced understanding. Data analytics is a powerful tool that has the potential to enhance efficiency, improve customer relationships and ensure that businesses are able to identify and resolve potential issues with greater ease. Learning a little more about the latest tools and analysis methods ensures that the latest resources and solutions

Piwik Versus Google Analytics: The Advantages of On-Premise Analytics

We had a client that we recommended Piwik to. They were running into some serious reporting issues with both Google Analytics and a paid enterprise analytics because of the volume of visitors they were getting to their site. Large sites don’t realize that there are both latency issues and data limitations with Google Analytics. The client had a very talented web group so taking analytics internal would have been easy. Along with the flexibility to customize

SeeVolution: Heatmaps and Real-Time Analytics

Businesses of all sizes are always on the hunt for ways to improve their website and to increase website conversion rates. The SeeVolution toolbar uses overlay technology, which allows users to view website analytics without ever leaving the page, providing accurate and comprehensive analytics at a glimpse of an eye. SeeVolution’s technology helps users instantly improve their website with a real-time analytics toolbar that organizes behavioral data, which is analyzed and presented in a clear

What is Analytics? A List of Marketing Analytics Technologies

Sometimes we have to go back to basics and really think about these technologies and how they’re going to assist us. Analytics at it’s most basic level is the information resulting from the systematic analysis of data. We’ve discussed analytics terminology for years now but sometimes it’s good to get back to basics. Definition of Marketing Analytics Marketing analytics comprises the processes and technologies that enable marketers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives

Watch Visitors Browse, Check Out, Buy in Real Time!

Analytics doesn’t always provide you with the in-depth stats and behavioral queues you need to improve the online shopping experience. Lexity has one app, Lexity Live, which allows you to observe customers browse, check out and buy in real time. Lexity Live is a free app that supports virtually ever major ecommerce platform on the market. Here’s a breakdown of Lexity Live from their site (be sure to see the Live Demo): Monitor your customer