Scup: Social Media Monitoring, Analysis and Engagement

Scup pronounced scoop – started in Brazil and now supports English, Portuguese and Spanish. For businesses and agencies, Scup has all the key features of a real-time social media monitoring, publishing and analysis platform. Scup is a leading social media monitoring tool and is used by more than 22 thousand professionals. Scup helps social media managers power through their work from posting to analysis, dramatically increasing their efficiency. Scup’s Features and Benefits Monitor social media

NetBase: Enterprise Social Intelligence Platform

NetBase, formerly Accelovation, is an enterprise social intelligence platform that allows market researchers to measure their social media engagement. The Net Base Monitoring Platform empowers marketers with real-time monitoring and measurement tools that provide instant and interactive insights into what drives customer opinions and behaviors. The NetBase Insight Workbench provides market researchers with a set of analytics, charts and research tools. Here’s an example of Netbase’s BrandPassion Index, used to determine competitive analysis of a