Real-Time Solutions To Improve Your Email Engagement

Are consumers getting what they want from email communications? Are marketers missing opportunities to make email campaigns relevant, meaningful and engaging? Are mobile phones the kiss of death for email marketers? According to recent research sponsored by Liveclicker and conducted by The Relevancy Group, consumers are expressing their dissatisfaction with marketing-related emails presented on mobile devices. A survey of more than 1,000 reveals that marketers might be missing out on fully engaging consumers using mobile

Watch Visitors Browse, Check Out, Buy in Real Time!

Analytics doesn’t always provide you with the in-depth stats and behavioral queues you need to improve the online shopping experience. Lexity has one app, Lexity Live, which allows you to observe customers browse, check out and buy in real time. Lexity Live is a free app that supports virtually ever major ecommerce platform on the market. Here’s a breakdown of Lexity Live from their site (be sure to see the Live Demo): Monitor your customer