Extole: Brand Advocacy and Referral Marketing

As consumers become more tone-deaf to interruptive marketing, it’s an imperative that brands identify their advocates and provide them the tools necessary to help refer their products and services. Extole’s referral marketing platform creates advocacy programs that scale for the biggest brands. On-Brand Sharing Create an effortless, integrated advocate sharing experience. A referral program tailored to your brand will turn more of your customers into advocates and increase brand awareness. Extole provides referral marketing software

Friendbuy: Referral Programs, Referral Tracking, and Referral Campaign Optimization

Someone asked me tonight about what billing system that I was using. I’ve been a Freshbooks user for about a decade and love it, so I wanted to see if they had any kind of referral system where I might get a couple bucks or a free month or something. Sure enough, when I logged into my account, they had a great referral page that allowed me to directly invite someone via email, send them

Reward Dragon: Incentivize Your Reviews and Word of Mouth Marketing

The majority of small businesses believe over half their business comes from referrals, yet 80% admit they have no system to consistently generate referrals. If you’re one of the 80%, you’re not utilizing a marketing strategy that has one of the highest conversion rates of any strategy. Reward Dragon is referral marketing platform for local businesses. It’s how small businesses power their refer-a-friend programs to multiply sales. Reward Dragon uniquely combines client testimonials, social sharing,