9 Reasons Why Investing In Referral Marketing Software Is The Best Investment For Your Business Growth

When it comes to business growth, usage of tech is inevitable! From a small mom and pop shops to big corporates, it’s undeniable that investing in tech pays big and that many business owners don’t realize the weight an investment into tech carries. But staying on top of advancing technology and software is no easy task. So many options, so many choices… Investing in the right referral marketing software for your business is crucial and

How to Improve Customer Loyalty with Digital Marketing

You can’t retain what you don’t understand. When focused on constant customer acquisition, it gets easy to get carried away. Okay, so you’ve figured out an acquisition strategy, you’ve made your product/service fit into the customers’ lives. Your unique value proposition (UVP) works –  it entices conversion and guides purchase decisions. Do you know what happens after? Where does the user fit after the completion of the sales cycle? Start by Understanding your Audience Although it’s

DemandJump: Predictive Marketing and Competitive Intelligence

The Internet is an amazing source of data that, if mined, can produce a wealth of knowledge. But according to this year’s CMO Survey, only one-third of marketers are able to prove the impact of their marketing spend, only half are able to obtain a good qualitative sense of the impact, and almost 20% are able to measure any impact whatsoever. It’s no wonder that marketing analytics expenditures are expected to increase 66% in the

Social Media + Analytics = Inaccurate

If I were to ask you which source provided more traffic to your site, Twitter or Facebook… how would you determine that? The majority of web analytics users would log in and look at their referring sources and come up with the value. That’s a problem. Some companies simply add “twitter.com” as a referring source and think that it does the trick. Not the case. The count of referring visitors from twitter.com is only those