Limit Jetpack’s Related Posts To A Specific Date

Today, I was double-checking an article that I had written and noticed that the related post that came up was from 9 years ago on a platform that no longer existed. So, I decided to take a deeper look at the Jetpack related posts options on my site and see if I could limit the date range. Jetpack does a fantastic job of selecting the relevant posts that are similar, but unfortunately, it has no

WordPress: Related Post Tweaking

If you’re using WordPress, one of your required plugins should be the Related Post plugin. That said, I noticed that the volume of keywords that were being posted with my Daily Reads were really skewing the Related Post results. As well, I was really surprised that the Related Posts plugin only provided a list of related posts before the post that you’re reading! What if you changed your mind (as I often do!)… shouldn’t you

Blog-Tipping: Alpesh Nakars’ Blogosphere

The last couple of weeks has been brutal. I’ve started a project Wiki to keep up with the projects I’m doing, I’ve hired a young developer to assist me, I’ve resigned from my employer and accepted a new position with a local startup. I don’t want to burn any bridges with my previous employer (who I loved working with and for) so I’ve been mired in conversations with employees, leaders, and a couple special clients

Blog-Tipping: PGA-Auctions

Tom has requested that I tip his blog, PGA Auctions. And I’m happy to oblige! Tom’s blog is about his eBay business and he keeps a close eye on the auctions so there are plenty of competitors out there and we need to get him some help! Here are your Blog Tips: First, be sure to correct the link on the Post with the link back to my blog… when you copy and paste from

Blog-Tipping: S.R. Coley

This is a special one! Stephen is a good friend of my son, Bill’s. Stephen is a great guy – very intelligent, very curious, and incredibly patient. I know when he pings me for a question he’s probably already been up a sleepless night so I really enjoy helping him out. Stephen’s blog should get very interesting over the next year as he travels to Germany. Germany is actually known for its lack of bloggers.