Why Keyword Ranking Should Never Be Your Primary Performance Metric

Not too long ago, SEO strategies majorly comprised of getting ranking on keywords. Keywords were the primary factor to gauge the performance of a campaign. Website builders would stuff the sites with keywords, and the clients would love to see the results. The results, however, showed a different picture. If your SEO tutorial for beginners included using Google tools to find out keywords and then placing them on the website throughout, it might be going

Despite What Marketers Market, Marketing is Hard Work

Another agency in our neck of the woods went under this month. It had all the characteristics of a great agency – talented leadership, a world-class team of dedicated employees, a beautiful location downtown, and impeccable branding online with a premiere publication. They had proven internal processes that would target and attain traffic and drive that traffic to their clients. But it still went under. Our agency, DK New Media, has been at this for 7

2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends

This is a great infographic from Salesforce on the current trends in Content Marketing, the resources and challenges associated with – as well as the benefits. It is kind of funny that they left Infographics out of the types of content, though! Learn more about content marketing best practices with Salesforce’s free ebook, How to Craft a Successful Social Media Content Marketing Plan. While the concept of a brand creating content to help customers is

Integrating Digital Marketing into Your Sponsorship

Marketing sponsorships present significant value beyond brand visibility and website traffic. Sophisticated marketers today are looking to get the most out of sponsorships, and one way to do so is utilizing the benefits of search engine optimization. In order to improve marketing sponsorships with SEO, you need to identify the different sponsorship types available and the key criteria necessary in analyzing SEO value. Traditional Media – Print, TV, Radio Sponsorships through traditional media typically come

Three Keys to Leveraging Your Content

Many marketers leverage one piece of technology that they enjoy or are comfortable with and ignore the others. I’m a huge proponent of automation and the marketer leveraging their messaging in any way, shape, or form – so much as it never does harm to their marketing efforts. With regard to a company leveraging content through its site, articles, whitepapers, case studies or its corporate blog, I believe there are three keys to making your