What Is A 404 Error Page? Why Are They So Important?

When you make a request for an address in a browser, a series of events happen in a matter of microseconds: You type an address with http or https and hit enter. The http stands for hypertext transfer protocol and is routed to a domain name server. Https is a secure connection where the host and browser do a handshake and send data encrypted. The domain name server looks up where the domain is pointing

What Measures Marketers Need to Take to Succeed Online

The 21st century has the seen the emergence of so many technologies that enable us to successfully market businesses in a more integrated and impactful way compared to the past. From blogs, ecommerce stores, online marketplaces to social media channels, the web has become a public arena of information for customers to search and consume. For the first time, the Internet has created new opportunities for businesses as digital tools have helped streamline and automate

Three Keys to Leveraging Your Content

Many marketers leverage one piece of technology that they enjoy or are comfortable with and ignore the others. I’m a huge proponent of automation and the marketer leveraging their messaging in any way, shape, or form – so much as it never does harm to their marketing efforts. With regard to a company leveraging content through its site, articles, whitepapers, case studies or its corporate blog, I believe there are three keys to making your