Freshcaller: Virtual Phone System for Remote Sales Teams

Reading Time: 3 minutes While remote sales teams have grown in popularity with companies, the pandemic and lockdowns shifted the modern sales team to work from home. While the end of lockdowns may shift some to teams to move back to the office, I’m not sure the majority of companies will require that move. The unnecessary expense of a downtown sales office simply won’t have a return on investment that it once did… especially now that companies are comfortable

The Importance Of Collaboration For Marketers In Lockdown

Reading Time: 2 minutes A study of marketers and CEOs over the summer found that just five per cent had found no positives to life in lockdown – and not a single person said they had failed to learn a thing during that time. And with a perceived pent-up demand for marketing activity after the spring lockdown, it is just as well. For xPlora, a marketing and digital agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the ability to share design files

Harness Unprecedented Times to Reshape How We Work

Reading Time: 4 minutes There has been so much change to the way we work in recent months that some of us might not immediately realize the kinds of innovations that were already gaining steam before the global pandemic struck. As marketers, workplace technology continues to bring us closer as a team so we can serve our customers in these stressful times, even while we navigate challenges in our own lives. It’s important to be honest with customers, as