Tips to Avoid Brand Resentment with your Email Strategy

We recently published an infographic on survey burnout where customers are becoming resistent to constantly getting bombarded with surveys. On the heels of this is a great analysis provided by Emailvision on how bombarding customers can actually result in brand resentment. The YouGov and Emailvision research asked consumers for their opinions on marketing correspondence, and sheds light on the missteps marketers might be taking that can bring about brand resentment. The study found: 75% reported

Leave Your Domain for What You DO

How many people are looking for someone who knows what you do? Now… how many people are actually looking for you? So… if you wish to be found on the Internet for what you do, why would you buy your name as a domain name and put a blog on it? You may not want to. Buy a domain name that first reflects what you do. Until folks know who you are, this is how