Web Testing, Browsers and Resolutions

The team over at Webby Monks have put together this helpful website testing ionfographic (Click through for an interactive infographic). The infographic defines must test browsers, their Operating Systems and resolutions. Here are some associated stats highlighted in the infographic: Mobile Internet Browsing has surpassed 24% share worldwide Windows 7 remains to be the most popular desktop OS with around 54% market share, followed by Windows XP Android is one of the increasingly popular mobile

Should You Optimize Content for Wide Screens?

I’d love a user experience expert to chime in on this post. I’ve been watching as more and more technology sites are maximizing the viewport (the viewable region of your device) and I’m not really that impressed. I don’t believe that, if you have more resolution that you need to use that resolution. Here’s a breakdown of the top resolutions on Martech Zone: The most popular resolution, as you can see, is the 1366×768. This

How NOT To Make New Year’s Resolutions at Work

The new year is two days away. Every year, nearly half of all Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, but most don’t keep them. We use the start of a fresh calendar to try to inspire dramatic change, but it doesn’t always work. That’s why talking about How NOT To Make New Year’s Resolutions is the first event of the year long 2010 Productivity Series hosted by Slaughter Development. (Keep reading for a special discount!) There

This Weekend: Indianapolis Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which connects highly talented and motivated web developers, business managers, graphic artists, marketing gurus, and startup enthusiasts in order to form companies from concept to launch! Indianapolis will host its Startup Weekend Event on December 5th ? 7th at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at the IUPUI campus downtown. The event starts at 5 pm on Friday December 5th with an elevator pitch competition. Participants

Video: What Would Seth Do?

As I watch the growth of Compendium Blogware, it really does warm my heart that I played an early role (and continuing role as best I can) in a business that’s changing the behavior and landscape of how businesses communicate with their prospects and customers. Chris Baggott is an amazing evangelist for the medium and his company is a testament to the medium, the applications that enable this communication, and the broader appeal of putting