5 Interactive Email Design Elements that Increase Click-Through Rates

I’m not sure there’s anything more frustrating than programming an email and ensuring it works or all exceptions are handled across all email clients. The industry truly needs to have a standard for email functionality just as they’ve accomplished with browsers. If you open up any well-designed, responsive email that looks great across browsers you’ll find a hodgepodge sequence of hacks to get it working and looking as good as possible. And even then you’ll

How to Justify Responsive Email Design and Where to Get Help!

It’s pretty shocking but more people utilize their smartphone to read email than to actually make phone calls (insert sarcasm about connectivity here). Purchases of older phone models have dropped by 17% year over year and 180% more business people are utilizing their smartphone to preview, filter, and read email than did a few years ago. The problem, though, is that email applications haven’t advanced as quickly as web browsers have. We’re still stuck with

4 Key Takeaways to a Smart Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile, mobile, mobile… are you tired of it yet? I think we’re working on mobile strategies with half of our clients right now – from optimizing mobile email templates, to integrating responsive themes, to building mobile applications. In reality, I believe businesses are honestly looking at their web presence backwards since much of the interaction with brands now starts with a mobile device – either in email, social, or via their web site. Savvy marketers

Litmus: Can People Actually Read Your Email?

We’ve been focusing… er… screaming about mobile of late and I hope we’re getting your attention. If you do one thing today, it should be to test your email messages that you are sending out of your email vendor to see if people can actually read them. As we developed core email templates for our email for WordPress solution, CircuPress, building a responsive email template that resized, was readable, and worked across the plethora of

Firemail: Email Marketing without the Email Service Provider

I’m a huge fan of email service providers and the incredible products and services that they provide. Perhaps most important is the deliverability issues that can arise when sending volumes of email. With the huge riff between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Email Service Providers (ESPs), sometimes the business gets put in the middle. Ironically, working with an ESP and not having any authority can cause deliverability issues, too. Many ISPs block email simply because