UX Design and SEO: How these Two Website Elements can Work together to your Advantage

Over time, the expectations for websites have evolved. These expectations set the standards for how to craft the user experience that a site has to offer.  With search engines’ desire to provide the most relevant and most satisfactory results to searches, some ranking factors are taken into consideration. One of the most important nowadays is user experience (and various site elements that contribute to it.). It can, therefore, be inferred that UX is a vital

Adapting and Responding to Feedback Drives Content Marketing Results

How quickly and effectively marketers respond and adapt to ongoing consumer feedback has become a new determinant of brand performance. According to 90% of the 150 brand marketers surveyed, responsiveness—or the ability to source, understand and then quickly react to feedback, preferences, and needs—is important, if not critical, to the delivery of an exceptional customer experience. Only 16 percent of marketers feel their organizations are extremely responsive to the consumer, failing to make changes to

Your Lack of Responsiveness is Destroying Your Social Media Strategy

The folks at Brickfish, a firm that assists major brands with their social, mobile and digital strategies have put together this infographic that provides insight to a huge issue in social media. Most brands think they provide superior customer service on social media but the reality is that 92% of consumers disagree! Ouch. We’ve said it before but too many companies decide to utilize social media for marketing and don’t have a customer service process