How Your Martech Stack Fails to Serve the Customer

In the older days of marketing, back in the early 2000s, a few brave CMOs invested in some rudimentary tools designed to help better manage their campaigns and audiences. These hardy pioneers sought to organize, analyze and improve performance, and thus created the first marketing technology stacks- integrated systems that brought order, unlocked targeted campaigns, and personalized messages for better results. Considering how far the marketing industry has come in the past few years is

The Change in 2014 Marketing Budgets

Econsultancy has released their Marketing Budgets 2014 Report in association with Responsys. They’ve provided this comprehensive infographic on the results of the survey data. Marketers (60%) are more likely to be increasing their overall marketing budgets for the year ahead than at any time since the launch of their first Marketing Budgets Report during the height of the economic crisis. More than 600 companies (mostly UK), participated in this research, which took the form of

Do Your Customers LOVE You?

Do your customers love you? New survey data from Responsys reveals how brands can maintain long-term relationships with consumers and avoid unnecessary breakups. Responsys research shows that consumers take the plunge with brands when their messages are part of an orchestrated customer experience that unfolds over time, across channels and according to an individual’s behaviors and preferences. With the right strategies and solutions in place, every customer interaction could be the beginning of a beautiful

The Effectiveness of Mobile App Push Marketing

According to Responsys’ SVP of Emerging Channels Michael Della Penna, by 2020 there will be 75 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things. This isn’t people… our homes, our automobiles, our platforms, and even our medical devices are all developing comprehensive mobile and tablet applications with push notifications. Responsys recently commissioned a mobile marketing survey of 1,200 U.S. consumers and found that 68 percent of consumers who have downloaded apps, have enabled the push

AddShoppers: Social Commerce Apps Platform

AddShoppers apps help you boost social revenue, add sharing buttons and provide you with analytics on how social is impacting commerce. AddShoppers helps ecommerce providers leverage social media to make more sales. Their sharing buttons, social rewards, and purchase sharing apps help you get more social shares which can then turn into social sales. AddShoppers analytics help you track your return on investment and understand which social channels convert. AddShoppers increases customer engagement by integrating