2012 US Election Content Marketing Strategies

Now that it appears the frontrunners are clear (my Libertarian son would disagree), it looks like both camps are settling in and the online strategies have commenced! The Whitehouse website itself has been transformed into one giant landing page for capturing email addresses, requiring the visitor to click through to get to any information: The Whitehouse has also been regularly releasing infographics… on the National Debt, gasoline prices, and even troop levels in Iraq. I’m

Google Adds Forms to Google Spreadsheets

I’m an avid user of Google Spreadsheets. Google just added an intriguing feature that Marketing folks might be interested in to do data capture (example: contests and opt-in programs) without the need for professional development. You can now build a form to post directly to your Google Spreadsheet! This is still a far cry from a robust application like Formspring, but it could come in quite handy for some quick and dirty forms. Especially if