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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingSales and Marketing Wishes

    8 Wishes That Every Executive Has About Their Sales And Marketing Programs

    While the specific wishes of executives regarding their sales and marketing programs can vary depending on the industry, company, and individual goals, here are eight wishes that every executive has when it comes to their sales and marketing programs: Enhanced Brand Awareness: Executives recognize the importance of brand awareness and wish for their sales and marketing programs to increase brand…

  • Sales EnablementSales and Marketing Feud and Alignment

    Healthy Competition Is Good, but It’s Time to End the Sales and Marketing Feud

    Although you might not admit it to HR, sometimes a tiny bit of rivalry crops up between sales and marketing. These two teams share close quarters, but at times, they seem to come from different planets, speaking different languages and with different goals and expectations. It can be challenging to uncover this rivalry, even more so to acknowledge and admit…

  • Advertising TechnologyB2B Sales and Marketing Alignment

    Smarketing: Aligning Your B2B Sales & Marketing Teams

    With information and technology at our fingertips, the buying journey has changed immensely. Buyers now do their research long before ever speaking to a sales representative, which means marketing plays a bigger role than ever before. Learn more about the importance of “smarketing” for your business and why you should be aligning your sales and marketing teams. What Is ‘Smarketing’?…

  • Sales EnablementProductivity

    Boost Your Sales and Productivity with These 6 Hacks

    I’m a big fan of using the most out of my time every day and I try to make all of my employees as productive as possible – especially the sales team, which is the most vital department in any SaaS company.

  • Sales Enablement
    sales marketing perception reality

    5 Misperceptions of Marketing and the Reality

    We’re working on a proposal right now where the prospect stated they wanted to move quick. Most salespeople would salivate with the opportunity to get a quick signature, but I view it now as a warning sign. Moving quickly typically leads to an expectation of getting leads quickly. While that may be possible until we thoroughly analyze the client, the…


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