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  • Marketing ToolsEmbed KML or GeoJSON with Google Maps JavaScript API

    Update Google Maps With GeoJSON or KML Files Using the JavaScript API

    KML (Keyhole Markup Language) and GeoJSON (Geographic JSON) are two file formats used for storing geographic data in a structured manner. Each format is suitable for different types of applications and can be used in various mapping services, including Google Maps. Let’s delve into the details of each format and provide examples: KML File KML is an XML-based format for…

  • Ecommerce and Retail1WorldSync: How accurate product content reduces returns

    1WorldSync: How Accurate Product Content Helps Eliminate Returns

    2022 saw digital commerce pass the $1 trillion mark in a single year for the first time ever. But as e-commerce continues to grow, so does the frequency of online returns. For every $1 billion in sales, the average retailer incurs $165M in merchandise returns.  National Retail Foundation Returns bring a costly hit to profit margins and also impact brand…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingCrossbeam: Leverage Your Partners for Ecosystem-Led Growth (ELG)

    Crossbeam: Leveraging your Partner Ecosystem to Drive Efficient B2B Growth

    Regardless of the economy, every market is a buyers’ market — a company’s success and fate are ultimately in the hands of the customer. As buyers are bombarded with emails and ads originating from massively automated marketing and sales tools and utilizing AI-generated (GenAI) content at scale, the customer experience is becoming overwhelming and impersonal. The combination of these factors…

  • Social Media & Influencer Repurpose and redistribute videos, livestreams, and audio podcasts automatically Automatically Repurpose and Redistribute Your Videos, Livestreams, and Podcasts

    Publishing content multiple times is not about spamming your audience but strategically maximizing your content’s reach, impact, and longevity. Publishing content multiple times, as opposed to just once, is a necessary and effective strategy for several reasons: New Audience: Not everyone sees your content the first time you publish it. As your following grows or new users join a platform,…

  • Sales EnablementFind Business Email Addresses and Phone Numbers for Sales Prospecting

    AeroLeads: Find Business Emails and Phone Numbers for Outbound Sales Prospecting

    Aeroleads empowers businesses with a comprehensive outbound prospecting solution, enabling them to find accurate contact information and connect with their target audience. With its extensive database, user-friendly interface, and customizable CRM integration, Aeroleads streamlines the lead generation process, saving businesses time and effort. By leveraging the power of Aeroleads, businesses can enhance their sales and marketing efforts, converting prospects into…

  • Sales EnablementSales and Marketing Feud and Alignment

    Healthy Competition Is Good, but It’s Time to End the Sales and Marketing Feud

    Although you might not admit it to HR, sometimes a tiny bit of rivalry crops up between sales and marketing. These two teams share close quarters, but at times, they seem to come from different planets, speaking different languages and with different goals and expectations. It can be challenging to uncover this rivalry, even more so to acknowledge and admit…

  • Advertising TechnologyB2B Sales and Marketing Alignment

    Smarketing: Aligning Your B2B Sales & Marketing Teams

    With information and technology at our fingertips, the buying journey has changed immensely. Buyers now do their research long before ever speaking to a sales representative, which means marketing plays a bigger role than ever before. Learn more about the importance of “smarketing” for your business and why you should be aligning your sales and marketing teams. What Is ‘Smarketing’?…

  • Sales Enablement
    sales marketing perception reality

    5 Misperceptions of Marketing and the Reality

    We’re working on a proposal right now where the prospect stated they wanted to move quick. Most salespeople would salivate with the opportunity to get a quick signature, but I view it now as a warning sign. Moving quickly typically leads to an expectation of getting leads quickly. While that may be possible until we thoroughly analyze the client, the…

  • Marketing Infographics
    sales vs marketing

    Sales and Marketing: The Original Game of Thrones

    This is a great infographic from the Pardot team on organizations where sales and marketing struggle to align themselves. As a marketing consultant, we’ve struggled with sales-driven organizations as well. One key issue is that sales-driven organizations often apply the same expectations they have for their sales team to the marketing team. We get hired by sales-driven organizations because they…

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