The 4 Steps To Implement Or Cleanup CRM Data To Maximize Your Sales Performance

Companies that wish to improve their sales performance typically invest in an implementation strategy of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We’ve discussed why companies implement a CRM, and companies often take the step… but the transformations often fail for a few reasons: Data – At times, companies simply opt for a data dump of their accounts and contacts into a CRM platform and the data isn’t clean. If they’ve already got a CRM implemented,

Appointiv: Streamline and Automate Appointment Scheduling Using Salesforce

One of our clients is in the healthcare industry and asked us to audit their use of Salesforce as well as provide some training and administration so they can maximize their return on investment. One advantage of utilizing a platform like Salesforce is its incredible support for third-party integrations and productized integrations through its app marketplace, AppExchange. One of the significant behavioral changes that has occurred in the buyer’s journey online is the ability to

Lexio: Transform Data into Natural Language

Lexio is a data storytelling platform that helps you and your team get the story behind your business data – so you can work together, on the same page, from anywhere. Lexio analyzes your data for you and tells you and your team what you need to know. No need to dig through dashboards or pore over spreadsheets. Think of Lexio like the newsfeed for your business that already knows what is important to you.