Showpad: Sales Content, Training, Buyer Engagement and Measurement

As your business rolls out sales teams, you’ll find that the search for effective content becomes an overnight necessity. Business development teams search for white papers, case studies, package documentation, product and service overviews… and they want them customized by industry, client maturity, and client size. What is Sales Enablement? Sales Enablement is the strategic process of equipping sales organizations with the right tools, content, and information to sell successfully. It empowers Sales reps to

Gong: Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales Teams

Gong’s conversation analytics engine analyzes sales calls at the individual and aggregate level to help you understand what’s working (and what’s not). Gong starts with a simple calendar integration where it scans each sales reps’ calendar looking for upcoming sales meetings, calls, or demos to record. Gong then joins each scheduled sales call as a virtual meeting attendee to record the session. Both audio and video (such as screen shares, presentations, and demos) are recorded

TeamKeeper: Modernize Talent Retention with Management Analytics

A new hire aced the interview, but hasn’t performed as well as expected. Team members aren’t hitting quotas because they aren’t receiving proper coaching. Talented salespeople are leaving the company because they don’t feel engaged with the work. The sales manager plays a critical role in all of the above scenarios. Strong managers are key to an organization’s success, but only 12% of U.S. employees strongly agree their managers help them set work priorities –