Reply: Automate Your Sales Engagement With LinkedIn Email Search and Outreach

No one would argue that LinkedIn is the most complete business-based social networking platform on the planet. In fact, I haven’t looked at an attached resume for a candidate nor updated my own resume in a decade since using LinkedIn. LinkedIn not only allows me to see everything a resume does, but I can also research the candidate’s network and see who they worked with and for – then contact those people to find out

Spiro: Proactive Sales Engagement Using AI

Spiro utilizes artificial intelligence to give your sales leaders actionable insights and your sales representatives proactive recommendations for next best steps to help prevent lost opportunities and increase sales productivity. Spiro clients report some amazing results, including: The ability to collect 16 times more data The ability for you or your sales team to reach 30% more prospects in the same timeframe. The ability to close 20% more sales deals Benefits of Spiro Include Spiro

vidREACH: A Video Email Platform Reimagining Prospecting

Lead generation is the major responsibility for marketing teams. They are focused on finding, engaging and converting a target audience into prospects that can become customers. It is vital for a business to create a marketing strategy that fuels lead generation. In light of that, marketing professionals are always searching for new ways to stand out, especially in an often oversaturated world. Most B2B marketers turn to email, viewing it as the most effective distribution

How Sales and Marketing Alignment Drives Better B2B Results on LinkedIn

With the news of Facebook algorithm changes crushing the sharing of business data, I’ve just about given up on leveraging Facebook anymore for my B2B efforts – the exception being event marketing. I’ve also been ramping up my use of LinkedIn more and more for publishing content and I am seeing an uptick in the number of requests I’m getting for connections and engagements. Because LinkedIn was honestly built with the purpose of business in

TeamKeeper: Modernize Talent Retention with Management Analytics

A new hire aced the interview, but hasn’t performed as well as expected. Team members aren’t hitting quotas because they aren’t receiving proper coaching. Talented salespeople are leaving the company because they don’t feel engaged with the work. The sales manager plays a critical role in all of the above scenarios. Strong managers are key to an organization’s success, but only 12% of U.S. employees strongly agree their managers help them set work priorities –

ClearSlide: Presentation Platform for Sales Enablement

According to research conducted by Forrester, 62 percent of sales leaders want more visibility into sales activity, and but only 6 percent are confident that they receive accurate insights. Consequently, sales leaders struggle to understand which reps, teams, and content are actually effective in the sales cycle – at least until opportunities are won or lost. ClearSlide, a sales-enabled presentation platform, has released Engagement and Follow, new features that help sales leaders monitor, analyze, and