8 Strategies To Improve Your Sales Prospecting Effectiveness

This evening, I was out on a bike ride with a colleague and between huffs and puffs we were discussing our sales routines for our businesses. We both absolutely agreed that the lack of discipline that we applied to our sales was inhibiting both of our companies. His software product attracts a specific industry and size, so he already knew who his prospect are. My business is smaller, but we’re highly focused on very specific

How to Track Leads from Marketing to Sales

We continue to write about marketing attribution since it’s such a challenge for marketers. These findings from TechnologyAdvice’s new infographic, How to Track Leads from Marketing to Sales support that this continues to be an issue. Some Key Statistics on Campaign Tracking The infographic walks through an overview of the best practices for ensuring leads are tracked from marketing to sales, on through to a conversion. [box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=”90%”]TechnologyAdvice are also providing an

Workamajig: Financial and Project Management for Creative Agencies

Workamajig is a web-based system for managing your advertising or marketing agency’s finances and client projects. More than 2,000 firms utilize their marketing management software for their in-house departments. Workamajig is a customizable, Web-based project management software that streamlines everything your agency does – from new business and sales leads to staffing and creative execution, all the way through a project’s cycle to accounting and financial reporting. Features of Workamajig include: Accounting – an industry