Ambition: Gamification To Manage, Motivate, and Maximize Your Sales Team’s Performance

Sales performance is essential to any growing business. With an engaged sales team, they feel more motivated and connected to the organization’s goals and objectives. The negative impact of disengaged employees on an organization can be substantial — such as lackluster productivity, and wasted talent and resources. When it comes to the sales team specifically, a lack of engagement can cost businesses direct revenue. Businesses must find ways to actively engage sales teams, or risk

TeamKeeper: Modernize Talent Retention with Management Analytics

A new hire aced the interview, but hasn’t performed as well as expected. Team members aren’t hitting quotas because they aren’t receiving proper coaching. Talented salespeople are leaving the company because they don’t feel engaged with the work. The sales manager plays a critical role in all of the above scenarios. Strong managers are key to an organization’s success, but only 12% of U.S. employees strongly agree their managers help them set work priorities –

ClearSlide: Presentation Platform for Sales Enablement

According to research conducted by Forrester, 62 percent of sales leaders want more visibility into sales activity, and but only 6 percent are confident that they receive accurate insights. Consequently, sales leaders struggle to understand which reps, teams, and content are actually effective in the sales cycle – at least until opportunities are won or lost. ClearSlide, a sales-enabled presentation platform, has released Engagement and Follow, new features that help sales leaders monitor, analyze, and

This Single Aspect of Sales Could be Losing Your Company $4 Million Annually

We tend to talk about sales by the revenue produced, but not by the losses when it’s not going well. Sales is a blood sport at most companies and there seems to be little patience nowadays for sales professionals to ramp up, build relationships, and convert customers. The sales manager even has the unenviable position of having to motivate and drive staff to meeting and exceeding goals. Get the wrong manager in and an entire

10 Sales Performance Stats To Know

What percentage of sales people, on average, miss their quota? What is the average close rate? How much better do the best sales reps perform compared to the average? What percentage of salespeople actually understand their customer’s pain? What percentage of sales representatives feel the pipeline is accurate? In partnership with Salesforce, this infographic from the TAS Group presents ten sobering pieces of data on sales performance. Whether you see it as shocking, or