Postaga: An Intelligent Outreach Campaign Platform Powered By AI

If your company is doing outreach, there’s no doubt that email is a critical medium to get it done. Whether it’s pitching an influencer or publication on a story, a podcaster for an interview, sales outreach, or attempting to write valued content for a site in order to attain a backlink. The process for outreach campaigns is: Identify your opportunities and find the right people to contact. Develop your pitch and cadence to make your

How to be Persistent in Sales Without Turning Off Your Leads

Timing is everything in business. It can be the difference between a potential new client and being hung up on. It’s not expected that you’ll reach a sales lead on your first outreach call attempt. It may take a few tries as some research suggests it can take as many as 18 calls before you reach a lead on the phone for the first time. Of course, this depends on many variables and circumstances, but it’s one

Sales Outreach: Six Strategies That Win Hearts (And Other Tips!)

Writing business letters is a concept that stretches back to the past. At those times, physical sales letters were a trend aimed to replace door-to-door marketers and their pitches. Modern times require modern approaches (just look at the changes in display advertising) and writing business sales letters is no exception.  Some general principles concerning the form and elements of a good sales letter still apply. That said, the structure and length of your business letter depends on

Reply: Automate Your Sales Engagement With LinkedIn Email Search and Outreach

No one would argue that LinkedIn is the most complete business-based social networking platform on the planet. In fact, I haven’t looked at an attached resume for a candidate nor updated my own resume in a decade since using LinkedIn. LinkedIn not only allows me to see everything a resume does, but I can also research the candidate’s network and see who they worked with and for – then contact those people to find out