Qvidian: What’s a Sales Playbook?

If you’re a large organization working across multiple verticals, having a simplified process for your sales team to find and present relevant presentations, use cases and other information is critical to the speed and effectiveness of the sale. Qvidian calls this the Sales Playbook. Qvidian Sales Playbooks is a cloud-based guided selling platform, tightly integrated with Salesforce.com, that helps sales and marketing leaders streamline and reinforce a company’s sales process to accelerate business growth and

SlideDog: Present Files Seamlessly

I’m not sure of any sales professional that hasn’t been stuck in front of a crowd or an important boardroom only to have issues with their presentation working. Slidedog hopes to end this by providing an application that builds your Powerpoints, PDFs, Prezi presentations, movies and even web pages in an offline application that you can even play from a USB drive with! You no longer have to worry about connectivity, application switching, or even