Qwilr: The Document Design Platform Transforming Sales and Marketing Collateral

Customer communication is the lifeblood of every business. However, with COVID-19 forcing budget cuts for 65% of marketers, teams are being tasked to do more with less. This means being able to generate all marketing and sales collateral on a reduced budget, and often without the luxury of a designer or agency to produce it.  Remote working and selling also mean sales and marketing teams can no longer rely on in-person communication skills to nurture

Boost Your Sales and Productivity with These 6 Hacks

I’m a big fan of using the most out of my time every day and I try to make all of my employees as productive as possible – especially the sales team, which is the most vital department in any SaaS company.

Build Branded Proposals as Beautiful as Your Website

We recently rec’d a proposal and contract from a company that had impeccable branding. The documents were a disaster, though. The borders extended beyond our printer settings, it came in two sections (two print jobs, two signatures) and I had to print, sign, scan and email the signed proposal back. Worse of all, the proposal was difficult to read and terribly written, requiring me to turn on tracking, make edits, and go back and forth

Which End of the Sales Funnel?

Marketing strategies are often designed to find more leads or upsell current customers. One of the issues we often find with clients is that they’re often working on the wrong end of the sales funnel. Many companies get less visitors a month to their website than they would like… but if they were able to convert twice as many of those visitors they have, they’d be very successful. Many of the technologies we work with

A Great Investment: TinderBox

About a week ago, DK New Media added TinderBox, a Proposal Management Solution, to its list of growing clients. I wrote about TinderBox when they first launched… and soon after we became a client of theirs. We’re excited about helping one another because of the incredible potential their solution has. The TinderBox application is fantastic and has saved me hours upon hours of time. Basically, I’ve developed a content repository with all of the product