The History of Sales Technology

We recently posted the Evolution of the Salesperson and now we get a look at how sales technology has enabled advancements in sales methodologies. From Lattice Engines Infographic, The History of Sale Technology: Sales professionals have always had the opportunity to work with different tools, techniques and processes to help them become better, smarter sellers. We thought it would be fun to take a look at the major technologies that have left a mark on

Old Marketer versus New Marketer. Which are you?

As I read through some research to the Alterian site, I happened across this wonderful diagram on their customer engagement page. The diagram effectively portrays how marketing has changed. Reviewing this diagram, it should make it clear as to whether or not your marketing has evolved. Have you evolved as a Marketer? Has your company? Today I spent time with 3 different prospects and common reasons why they hadn’t evolved were fear, resources, and expertise.

Resources versus Resourcefulness

I happened across a video of Tony Robbins at TED that was pretty inspiring. One of his lines really rang true with me personally: Resources versus Resourcefulness One of the most fulfilling jobs I ever had was being an Integration Consultant for ExactTarget. At the time, ExactTarget had a fairly limited application programming interface (API) but our clientele was growing in sophistication and automation. Every day was a meeting with a client who had a