5 Statistics Proving Mobile Sales Tools are Dramatically Improving Performance

We’ve been working with our sales enablement sponsor, FatStax, for quite a few months now. Their mobile sales platform has exploded in growth – especially since supporting iOS on iPhone in addition to iPad (Android is coming early next year). When we sat down and began speaking to their customers on why the platform is so popular we heard a similar story over and over… Sales agents were tired of searching and scouring for sales

Sales and Marketing: The Original Game of Thrones

This is a great infographic from the Pardot team on organizations where sales and marketing struggle to align themselves. As a marketing consultant, we’ve struggled with sales-driven organizations as well. One key issue is that sales-driven organizations often apply the same expectations they have for their sales team to the marketing team. We get hired by sales-driven organizations because they realize that their brand hasn’t built awareness, authority and trust online and that their sales

Mobile and Your Supercharged Sales Force

If you’ve got a strong outbound sales force, chances are that they have huge inefficiencies in the sales process. Many outbound sales managers find their teams traveling, capturing and pushing information more than they are selling. Mobilizing your sales force is taking on new meaning nowadays. Providing your team with mobile or tablet applications that allow them to collect data, access information, and even propose (using a great tool like our sponsor, TinderBox) and close