All-American and CEO Jeremy Bloom Discusses Integrate

Unique amongst his industry peers, CEO Jeremy Bloom had an incredible career as a professional athlete. He’s a Hall-of-Fame inductee, three-time world champion, two-time Olympian and eleven-time World Cup gold medalist. If that’s not enough, Jeremy was an All-American at the University of Colorado and a 5th round draft to the Philadelphia Eagles. He completed his NFL career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think I could have spoken to Jeremy for hours, but this was

Why ExactTarget and CoTweet Makes Sense

At first I was a bit shocked by the news, ExactTarget and CoTweet? Email and Twitter? They seemed like distant cousins to me, I didn’t exactly get it. Tonight I spoke to Chris Baggott, co-founder of ExactTarget and now CEO of Compendium Blogware. Chris couldn’t say enough great things about the move, was incredibly excited for Scott Dorsey… and explained how it really does make sense: Email and Twitter are not unlike one another. They

Interactive Multi-Channel Marketing from the Podium

One of the more interesting demos held at ExactTarget Connections, yesterday, was the real-time interactive demonstration done by Scott Dorsey, CEO, during the opening speech. Scott asked everyone to text the word research and their email address to 38767 to obtain Forrester’s 2009 Channel Preference Study and Customer Knowledge is Marketer Power. In real-time, a text message response was sent back confirming the request and asking if you’d also like to receive a voice message