How To Increase Search Ranking By Finding, Monitoring, and Redirecting 404 Errors In WordPress

We’re helping an enterprise client right now with implementing a new WordPress site. They’re a multi-location, multi-language business and have had some poor results with regard to search over recent years. When we were planning their new site, we identified a few issues: Archives – they had several sites in the last decade with a demonstrable difference in their site’s URL structure. When we tested old page links, they were 404’d on their latest site.

How To Crawl A Large Site And Extract Data Using Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider

We’re assisting several clients right now with Marketo migrations. As large companies utilize enterprise solutions like this, it’s like a spider web that weaves itself into processes and platforms over years… until the point that companies aren’t even aware of every touchpoint. With an enterprise marketing automation platform like Marketo, forms are the entry point of data throughout sites and landing pages. Companies often have thousands of pages and hundreds of forms throughout their sites

5 Critical SEO Issues Discovered with Screaming Frog

Have you ever crawled your own site? It’s a great strategy to fix some rather blatant issues with your site that you may not have noticed. Good friends at Site Strategics told us about Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider. It’s a simple crawler that’s free with a limitation of 500 internal pages… enough for most websites. If you need more, purchase the £99 annual license! I really appreciate how quickly I can scan a site and